If you don't rescue, don't breed ... Until there are none, ADOPT ONE!


We would like to thank Jodi for loaning us her SUV while our car was out of commission for two months.  We could not have continued to function without the use of her car.  We put an extraordinary number of miles on a vehicle transporting dogs to adoption events, vet care, home visits, etc.  THANK YOU JODI.

 We would also like to thank Christine, a friend and foster, who sold us her mother's vehicle with only 40,000 miles for a very reduced price and with the ability to make payments.  The car is in great shape and will make such a difference to the animals we rescue. The car is a lifesaver (literally).  THANK YOU CHRISTINE


Cry For Help Rescue is working with River Valley Animal Rescue (An all volunteer shelter) in Momence.  The new shelter is located at: 3960 N. Vincennes Trail Momence, IL (815-507-5007).  Please come and see all of the wonderful animals being cared for at the shelter.  There is also a room dedicated for seniors and dogs with special needs.  They are not in crates but have couches and beds to lay on with a large screen TV.  They also have the company of other dogs.  This is a vision of Fran's, the founder of River Valley Animal Rescue, to have a place where they can live out their lives if they cannot be adopted.  Please come and see all of the wonderful animals looking for forever homes.  There are puppies, adult dogs, cats and kittens, birds and rabbits.

Special Needs


Our Barney

We were looking through petfinders because we had lost our cairn terrier, Maddie, we read dozens of bios when we came across Barney's story, if we weren't hooked by his story, his picture grabbed our hearts and didn't let go.

We drove down to Illinois not knowing quite what to expect and were pleasantly surprised by the pups being fostered and loved. When Barney came marching out like he owned the world, that did it. We wanted him, even if it would only be for a few months. We loved him. Our westie Luke took to him as well.

We knew when we adopted Barney that his days were limited. Jean gave us all his records and told us that he was in heart failure. We knew what great care she had given him and we wanted to finish that care for him.

We brought him into the vet the next day and told them that Barney was in heart failure and were there any other tests that could be done. Our vet brought in a cardiologist. She did an echocardiogram on Barney and it showed pulmonary fibrosis. We changed his medication but not his prognosis.

We had Barney for five glorious and loving months. He will be in our hearts forever. A better dog, we couldn't have asked for. He was our boy and we loved him with all our heart. Thank you Barney for loving us and letting us love you.

Thank you Cry for Help Rescue for all that you do.

Love, Cathy and Michael Klessig

Thank you Brooke!

Brooke's family adopted Tony last year, he's an adorable Cairn Terrier.

Brooke has been sewing and selling holiday themed doggie bandannas. Brooke has made Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas bandannas so far, she plans on doing Easter and Valentine themed bandannas next. She has surprised our rescue by donating the proceeds to Cry for Help Rescue.  Brooke has raised $115 for the rescue.  

Pitbulls get a bad rap

Any breed of dog can be vicious.  Unfortunately Pit Bulls get a bad rap because the media sensationalizes the breed.  We work with all breeds and have come to know never to generalize a breed.  One of our adopters sent us this photo which speaks volumes.  Please do not discriminate or put all Pit Bulls in one category.  Just like people, some good/some bad.


Please see our Wish List section for story on Padraig and his birthday party invitation.

Thank you!

I  would like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers (Fosters, volunteers at our adoption events, coordinators helping with fundraising, our facebook and email control, to all the wonderful supporters who have contributed monetarily to our special needs animals).  We are so grateful for the help and support we receive to help the animals that really need our help.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We could not continue to function without your support. 

Sandy, Gloria, Christine, Anna, Aeyne, Barbara, Bill and Stephanie, Jan, Kim and Shannon and Niki,

I would like to thank our adopters who have chosen adoption over purchasing a companion. 

Jean Lazzaro


Next Adoption Events



Why Adopt from Cry For Help Rescue?

Adopt from Cry For Help Rescue and make a difference in the life of a homeless pet.
All our adoptable pets are rescued from high-kill animal control organizations, humane societies, and owner give-up situations within Illinois and Indiana. For every pet we adopt, we can save another life.

Before you adopt from any shelter or rescue group, please read our tips for successfully adopting a rescue dog at our page
Reasons to Adopt
1. Your new pet will be up-to-date with all required vaccinations including: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Heart Worm and fecal tests
2. Your new pet will be spayed or neutered to help control pet overpopulation
3. Your new pet will have lived in a licensed foster home which will allow us to tell you more about your pet
4. Your new pet will have a micro-chip to help locate it if it is ever lost or stolen
5. You're doing a good thing - your new pet needs a great home like yours!

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